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Dane County restraining order for children

Obtaining a Dane County restraining order for a child is rather rare.  It is usually related to cases of mistreatment by a parent or relative.   However, a growing portion of restraining orders for children are related to bullying.  This link: is a good example of how bullying can become so out of control that parents are […]

Dane County restraining order notices

Domestic abuse victims who have a Dane County restraining order can now receive notice from the Dane County Sheriff when the order has been served on the defendant.

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Wisconsin fathers rights

Wisconsin fathers rights is a constant topic in child custody divorce and paternity cases.   The attached article is certainly food for thought. The article makes several good points, strangely enough until the last paragraph.  Despite accurate information earlier in the article about the serious changes in the legal system’s view of father’s involvement, the […]

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New Wisconsin maintenance case

The  Court of Appeals recently made a notable decision regarding Wisconsin maintenance in Brin v. Brin.  In this case, after divorce, the husband had paid maintenance (otherwise known as alimony) for 20+ years, into his 80’s.  He then asked the judge to terminate the maintenance to his ex-wife.  The judge reduced his payments to $0, and […]

Wisconsin family lawyers fees

Wisconsin family lawyers fees can sometimes prevent families from retaining a lawyer.  That need not be the case. Kowalski, Wilson & Vang, LLC was established to provide the highest quality representation for a reasonable cost in all family law cases.   I ensure reasonable cost for my clients through the following policies: A fully-electronic case file. This reduces paper copies and storage […]

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Dane County divorce cost

The cost of a Dane County divorce is difficult to predict.   I have settled some Dane County divorce cases in four months.    I have been involved with others for over six years.  The cost ultimately depends on the difficulty of the issues, the personalities involved, and the lawyers’ working style. I believe that the cooperation (or lack of it) between […]

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