I would highly recommend Emily to anyone going through a divorce, whether they have kids or not (I do). She is very savvy in both matters of family as well as finance, and does a great job keeping things civil and professional while still feeling like a personal friend through the process. Divorce isn't easy, but she made it a lot easier for me and was worth every penny. She's as kind as she is professional.


I had everything stacked against me when I tried to move out of state with my son: a past of drug use, an ex who had our son 3 nights every week and was heavily involved, and a recommendation from the court study and GAL that had started out being that I should have supervised visits only with my son (they changed that part later on but they still fought for my ex, and against me). Not to mention that it is very hard to move a child out of state to begin with, without any of that other stuff. But David did it, beating two lawyers and a recommendation that is weighted heavily by the judge (I read that 90% of the time, judges will favor the recommendation). David was always honest with me, and made no promises. But he prepped me well, and based his strategy on how things were going in court, fully prepared but only using what he needed to, as he needed to. His judgment was right on. He was very calm, and focused, and knowledgeable. Furthermore, even in the toughest moments, his calm kept me calm too. I could not have better things to say of David, nor would I have wanted anyone else to be the one fighting for me. He truly beat the odds, and as I quite cheesily told him yesterday, he is my hero. He is the reason my son and I will have better lives now. I would trust him with any case, in any situation. Basically, I trusted him with my life, and he made it better. I will always be grateful


Emily gave me my life back. She exceeded my expectation. I was awarded all that I asked for. She, or her staff, was always there to answer my concerns. In the court room she was confident and so prepare


David helped us with the current Guardianship we have of our disabled grandson since birth and his birth mother now wants to have custodity back and revoke the guardianship in place. We are his grandparents and have had this child all his life. He was able to help us win the case and the revoke was dismissed and we are currently working on slowly renighting the mother and child providing she can do what the court has ordered. We do plan on having David help us go for grandparents visitation if the birth mother does recieve this child back due to that is the only way we will be able to continue to be part of his life. He was AMAZING and i have referred him to a family already and his law firm made us feel like family as well. H e is a man that truly cares about his cases and its not just a paycheck and helped us get through some difficult times by the support he offered

Kari B.

Attorney Kowalski handled my divorce this past year. He was very professional, honest and easy to work with. We were able to come to a mutually agreed upon marital settlement agreement that was fair to me, and most importantly in the best interest of my children.I had all questions answered immediately and was always kept up to date on everything I needed to know. Attorney Kowalski was always on top of things, keeping them moving forward even when the other side was not responding.I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs representation in a family case!

Lindsey D.

I recently hired David Kowalski for my divorce lawyer because he was highly recommended to me by several lawyers. I will now pay it forward and highly recommend him to others. I was extremely pleased with his caring expertise at all times. He clearly has great knowledge of the legal system and was able to explain the issues to me in a way for me to understand. I always felt my position was heard. David Kowalski also has an exceptional team that works with him in his office. They were amazing with all interactions and delightful to work with. I am truly thankful I hired David Kowalski.

Vicki . W.

I would definitely recommend Annabelle for anyone going through the divorce process. She is easy to work with, always responded quickly with answers to any questions. She made a tough process to go through easier by explaining the law in easy to understand terms and providing guidance that is realistic and fair.


I was extremely satisfied with my experience with David and his associates. I had a complicated divorce involving custody and an ex that owned his own business. We were met with several surprises and an opposing counsel that was difficult to deal with at times. I always felt that David gave me sound advice and made sure that I understood all of my options. When issues arose he was always quick to respond and I felt that I was in the loop with all communications and documents received. He is highly professional and a great ally to have on your side during what is undoubtedly a difficult time in your life. I feel fully prepared to enter the next phase of my life and know that if the need arose David would be there to help me through any legal issues that would need to be handled.

Lindsay P.

Kowalski Family law is clearly the best family law firm in southern wisconsin. My case was a mess and had beeen mishandled by a previous lawyer. My ex had taken me to mediation and was trying to obtain a schedule that would reduce my time with my girls not for any other reason than that she was jelous of the amount of free time i had to spend with them. The GAL was on my exes side for reasons unknown. Upon hiring Kowalski family law the GAL and my exes lawyers outlook changed immediately and we were able to reach a custody agreement almosty exactly like had taken place in the past and I am now spending the maximum amount of time I am able to raising my girls. I cannot thank David, Emily and the rest of the firm enough, I know had I not hired them it would not be the case.

Chris W.

David has been a wonderful lawyer to work with during my divorce. Aside from the more obvious positive qualities of being knowledgeable and trustworthy, David provided so much more during the process. He was responsive to any emails and phone calls, returning them in reasonable amounts of time. The best quality David possesses is his ability to understand concerns, cut through the emotion, and provide sound legal advice that best suited myself and my children. He has a way of discerning what is most important and focusing on accomplishing those tasks.


I couldn’t recommend Emily and her team more highly. She handled my complex LGBT divorce with intelligence, empathy, and steadiness. Her efficient process and fast responding helped move along a slow process, and her experienced advice helped me make better plans and stay calm. She protected me from settlements and situations that weren’t in my best interest while also consistently advocating for compromises from both teams. It’s hard to express how helpful it was to have a attorney I could trust with all aspects of my case as it developed. I’m so grateful I chose her console and would recommend you consider it as well.


I had been working with a lawyer from a different firm throughout most of my two year divorce case who wasn’t very experienced or responsive to my calls and emails. When I ran into some major setbacks trying to sell my marital home, my lawyer just wasn’t getting things done. I called David out of a recommendation from a friend and he made the transition super smooth for me. He got me into a hearing immediately to allow me to finish the sale and scheduled my final hearings with the judge to finish my divorce; something my previous lawyer had told me wasn’t possible yet. He handled things much more efficiently and effectively and was extremely responsive to the myriad of questions I still had about my case. I would always receive a call or email from David the same day. He was even available several times during the holiday weekend before my final hearing to make sure we were on the same page. I feel like David was able to get me to my final hearing sooner and with a better outcome for me compared to the lawyer I was working with previously. He’s extremely knowledgeable and personable and I really enjoyed working with him.

Liz S.

Annabelle was amazing! My divorce was final today and I am excited, she got me everything that I deserve. Annabelle worked extremely hard for me. Anytime I had a question her or her team answered right away. I recommend her to anyone who wants to win.


I had a difficult case involving international law and child custody. Attorney David Kowalski really did his homework! He worked through all the intricate details between Wisconsin and European divorce and custody laws to grant me my rights. When things got stressful and over whelming for me, he kept cool and talked me through all the details. He made me feel safe and confident. He explained exactly how court hearings would go. After understanding my views he did much of the talking and said things in a strong, eloquent, confident, very knowledgeable way. He fought hard for my best interests. He always kept me informed and was readily available to talk when ever I needed him. I could tell that he really cared about my case and wanted the best for me. This was a difficult situation for both parties, and he understood that. I trusted David Kowalski, he truly had my back, I was happy with the results and I would highly recommend him. He will always be my number one attorney of choice!


Attorney Annabelle Vang represented me in a difficult child support case recently. I couldn’t be more thankful for having her in my corner. She was very knowledgeable and responsive in representing my case. The on-line access was very helpful in staying in touch with all of the developments in my case and for reviewing documents. Annabelle was extremely professional and effective in helping me get a fair outcome in spite of some big challenges. Would highly recommend Attorney Vang to anyone,and have already recommended her to a close family member.


My husband and I were looking for a good attorney to hire for guardianship of an abused minor.This was not an easy case.David Kowalski was beyond helpful.He brought us in for a consultation and answered all of our questions.Trust me there were many! He walked us through the whole process so there was no surprises.David also had set up a web site that went directly to his office,we could see everything that was going on in real time from the paperwork,where the money was spent and when things were happening.There was a direct email to him and his secretary and whenever we sent an email we were immediately answered.The whole firm was very respectful and personable.When we called them they knew us by name not just another number. David was also very informative and knew the laws very well.He expedited the case very well and didn’t dilly~dally with the court or our money. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone going through a child guardianship or custody.VERY awesome to work with!! THANK YOU.

Stacy K.

Attorney Emily Wilson was extremely knowledgeable and generous with her time during our consultation. I was impressed by her patience and diplomacy; her in depth knowledge in many facets of the case I presented her with and her frank but kind responses. Thoroughly impressed.


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