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Military benefits in Wisconsin divorce

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals today decided Peterson v. Bauer,, a Wisconsin divorce case addressing a husband’s request to terminate military disability payments to his ex-spouse.   Although the case will not be published, the ruling touches on several interesting issues that I will discuss in this and other posts. First, this case shows the pitfalls of […]

Support Dane County domestic violence victims

Dane County Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) is an organization devoted to supporting and assisting Dane County domestic violence victims.  DAIS is well-known in Madison and throughout Dane County.  However, the need for services for domestic violence victims unfortunately remains great.   I often work with DAIS by representing clients in divorce, restraining orders, and other family […]

Wisconsin rejects “context” argument in domestic violence case

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals’ recent decision in Wendorf v. Wendorf 12AP269 , though not formally published, is notable for the Court’s refusal to accept the wife’s alleged extramarital affair as a “context” for domestic violence.  It appears that the husband became upset after finding a contraceptive, and assaulted the wife.  In essence, his argument […]

Do I need a lawyer in Dane County family law case?

I attended a Dane County Family Law Group (DCFLAG) meeting today, at which local family judges estimated that 80% of the parties in Dane County family law cases (divorce, paternity, child support and custody,  etc.)  are not represented by lawyers.   I imagine the same is true in Sauk County, Columbia Count, and other surrounding counties.  The judges lamented that not only […]

Decision on Wisconsin child custody and relocation

In Marriage of Derleth and Corova, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently addressed a Wisconsin child custody dispute over a child’s relocation.  The Court decided that  a parent’s ability to move up to 150 miles away within the state cannot  be restricted, even if the court believes that the move is not in the child’s […]

The intersection of divorce, child custody, McDonald’s, and psychiatry.

A father’s parental fitness has been called into question by a psychiatrist because he refused to take his child to McDonalds.   Though this case occurred in New York, it could easily have happened in Wisconsin. I have to  believe there is something else going on here.  It’s hard to imagine that a competent psychiatrist […]

“Aggressive” vs “assertive” Wisconsin family lawyer

As a Wisconsin family lawyer, practicing widely in Dane County, Sauk County, and Columbia County, I view my role as solving the client’s problems.  Can those goals be accomplished by assertive vs. aggressive lawyering, and is there a difference?    I recently commented on a listserv with the title of “Aggressive Lawyering is Counterproductive.”  I agreed […]

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Wisconsin family lawyer for help with child guardianship

A  guardianship grants non-parents certain rights to care for a child.   These usually include the right to make healthcare, travel, education, and financial decisions, as well as maintaining “care, custody, and control” of the minor.  As a Wisconsin family lawyer, I assist clients obtain minor guardianships.  I also help parents defend against them when they are […]

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A new factor to consider in Wisconsin child custody disputes?

Could Wisconsin child custody disputes soon involve investigation into a child’s Halloween candy bag?  According to the National Confectioner’s Association, 81% of parents eat some of their children’s Halloween candy.   26% are sneaky enough to wait until their children go to sleep  before creeping stealthily to the candy bag and taking those yummy KitKats.     How long […]

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