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Child Relocation in Wisconsin Part 2

Once an initial hearing has been held, regarding a parent’s motion to relocate the child, the parties will be referred to mediation and have a Guardian ad Litem appointed to represent the child’s best interests. At any time between the initial hearing and the final hearing, the relocating parent can request a temporary order to […]

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Child Relocation in Wisconsin

A parent involved in a case regarding relocation of a child more than 100 miles away from the other parent should consult Wisconsin Statute 767.481. Recent changes to the statute affect cases commenced after April 5, 2018. If the court grants any periods of physical placement with a child to both parents and one parents […]

Restraining Orders in Wisconsin

Making the decision to end an unhealthy relationship is always difficult. Whether you are navigating a divorce, legal separation or a break-up, transitions out of a troubled relationship are periods of high stress, high emotion and risk. If your relationship was one with a power and control disparity, if there was domestic abuse in your […]

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