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Finding Wisconsin divorce assets

Locating Wisconsin divorce assets is not usually as difficult as you may have heard.  Both spouses must make a full financial disclosure.   All assets, debts, income, and expense must be disclosed on the designated form.  These statements often form the basis for a judge’s decision on support and property division.  Therefore, they must be completed carefully. It is […]

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Wisconsin divorce and life insurance

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently clarified that, in a Wisconsin divorce judgment, life insurance beneficiary designations end once the children reach adulthood. Parents after divorce often agree to maintain life insurance for their children, partly to cover lost child support if one parent dies.  In Brandt v Vazquez,, the Court ruled that because the […]

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Changes in Wisconsin maintenance

The Wisconsin maintenance (alimony) law was recently changed.   2013 WI Act 209 states that maintenance ends upon the recipient’s remarriage.   The law also requires the recipient to notify the court and the payer of the remarriage.  The law can be  found at   This law seems common sense, but previously, the payee was not required […]

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Wisconsin divorce expenses

There is no law requiring either spouse to pay certain expenses after a Wisconsin divorce is filed.     Spouses cannot sell or give away property without approval.   But without a court order, simply filing for divorce does not allocate payment of bills. Often, spouses agree on who will pay bills.  If you cannot agree, however, you must request a temporary order from […]

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Wisconsin family court appeal

The success of a Wisconsin family court appeal depends on the evidence submitted at the trial.   An appeal is not a “do-over.”   There is no new testimony or evidence.  The only information available to the appeals court is what was submitted at the trial.  The evidence and testimony is known as the “record.” Each party files a brief, based on the record.  The appeals court […]

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What is Wisconsin legal custody?

Parents often  confuse the concepts of Wisconsin legal custody with physical placement.    In Wisconsin, however, these two terms have very different meanings.  “Legal custody” allows a parent to make major decisions for a child, such as heath care, school and religious decisions.  An award of custody can  be  joint, sole, and impasse-breaking authority.   In sole custody, only one parent […]

Wisconsin grandparent visitation

The standard for Wisconsin grandparent visitation has recently been clarified in the case of Paternity of E.M.B. (available at  The Court of Appeals ruled that grandparents must overcome the parent’s Constitutional right to care for a child.  The child’s parent is presumed competent to know what is best for her child.  The parent’s decision whether to allow contact between the child and […]

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Most expensive divorces

Needless to say, none of these occurred in Wisconsin.   Out of curiosity, it would be fascinating to know the amount of the attorneys’ fees.  Perhaps this goes into the category of “It could be worse.”

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