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How can I lower my Wisconsin legal fees for family law?

Clients seeks the help of a family attorney when they are facing difficult and emotional concerns for themselves or their children.  Certain complex legal issues can no doubt become expensive. However, as a client, there are some actions you can take to minimize your legal fees for family law. 1.       Request copies of documents via email, to cut […]

Do I need a Dane County family lawyer to help with my case?

Retaining a Dane County family lawyer is not required, but it is highly recommended.  Wisconsin’s family court rules are contained in statutes, administrative rules, local Dane County rules, and case law.   Add to this the various unwritten rules and customs that are expected to be followed, and the process often becomes overwhelming for an unrepresented party. The […]

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Is January the most common month for Sauk County divorce?

No, but divorce filings are slightly elevated in January than some other months.  Much as in Dane County, Sauk County divorce filing was most common in July.   Sauk County Divorce filings averaged between 18 and 26 in most months, on the high end in January.  However, in July and August, the number rose by about 40%, to 34 filings per month.  January […]

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Is January the most common month for Dane County divorce?

No, at least not in 2013.  Dane County divorce was most common in April and July 2013.  It is commonly believed that many spouses wait to get through the holiday season before filing, or seek a fresh start in the new year.   There are many viewpoints on January’s notoriety as “divorce month” as this article demonstrates    In […]

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