Dane County restraining order for children

Dane County restraining order for children

Obtaining a Dane County restraining order for a child is rather rare.  It is usually related to cases of mistreatment by a parent or relative.   However, a growing portion of restraining orders for children are related to bullying.  This link:


is a good example of how bullying can become so out of control that parents are motivated to seek a restraining order against the bully.  Bullying can lead to serious mental or physical health problems for the victim.  In some extreme cases, the victim suffers to the point that he/she attempts suicide.

Unfortunately, I was personally involved in a case of this nature several years ago.    Although most restraining order cases last two weeks at most, this one lingered for several months.  The outcome was not particularly pleasant for either child, since they both changed schools and eventually moved residences as well.   Not just the children involved, but their families, were seriously affected by this situation.

While a restraining order may at times seem unnecessary, it is important to remember that each child’s ability to handle mistreatment is different.  Particularly if that child already suffers from a mental health issue.  If school officials and parents are unable to control the situation, perhaps it is understandable is some cases that parents resort to a restraining order to protect their child.

I have personally been involved in cases in which a Dane County restraining order was granted against a child.  Often, these cases involve teens who cross the line from typical teen drama to threats or intimidation.  The prevalence of social media, in particular Facebook, among teens also offers new avenues for harassment.   Threats, name-calling, etc. increasingly takes place on-line, and involves not just the bully and victim, but all those who are connected through the social platform.  This behavior can also be more serious since online posts are permanent, unlike words spoken in person.

A Dane County restraining order for children requires delicate and careful consideration.  If you are considering this option, I encourage you to call me for a free consultation.


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