Kari B.

Kari B.

David helped us with the current Guardianship we have of our disabled grandson since birth and his birth mother now wants to have custodity back and revoke the guardianship in place. We are his grandparents and have had this child all his life. He was able to help us win the case and the revoke was dismissed and we are currently working on slowly renighting the mother and child providing she can do what the court has ordered. We do plan on having David help us go for grandparents visitation if the birth mother does recieve this child back due to that is the only way we will be able to continue to be part of his life. He was AMAZING and i have referred him to a family already and his law firm made us feel like family as well. H e is a man that truly cares about his cases and its not just a paycheck and helped us get through some difficult times by the support he offered

Kari B.

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