I had everything stacked against me when I tried to move out of state with my son: a past of drug use, an ex who had our son 3 nights every week and was heavily involved, and a recommendation from the court study and GAL that had started out being that I should have supervised visits only with my son (they changed that part later on but they still fought for my ex, and against me). Not to mention that it is very hard to move a child out of state to begin with, without any of that other stuff. But David did it, beating two lawyers and a recommendation that is weighted heavily by the judge (I read that 90% of the time, judges will favor the recommendation). David was always honest with me, and made no promises. But he prepped me well, and based his strategy on how things were going in court, fully prepared but only using what he needed to, as he needed to. His judgment was right on. He was very calm, and focused, and knowledgeable. Furthermore, even in the toughest moments, his calm kept me calm too. I could not have better things to say of David, nor would I have wanted anyone else to be the one fighting for me. He truly beat the odds, and as I quite cheesily told him yesterday, he is my hero. He is the reason my son and I will have better lives now. I would trust him with any case, in any situation. Basically, I trusted him with my life, and he made it better. I will always be grateful


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