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Wisconsin military divorce-military retired pay

Wisconsin military divorce benefits are often the single most valuable asset when a couple separates. It is extremely important to understand and properly allocate the military retired pay.   Depending on the servicemember’s length of service and other factors, the value of military retired pay may be well over $100,000.   In order to divide this benefit, it must […]

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What is a guardian ad litem in a Wisconsin divorce?

If you are in the midst of a court action regarding Wisconsin divorce, paternity, legal custody, physical placement and/or child support, you may already have experience working with a guardian ad litem (GAL). Many people have probably heard of guardians ad litem but aren’t sure what they do. Although their names sound similar, it is important […]

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Wisconsin divorce vs. legal separation

The differences between Wisconsin divorce and legal separation can be subtle and sometimes hard to figure out. Both require filing similar paperwork with the court, notice to the other party, and a 120-day waiting period.  At the end of the process, you receive a court order that outlines custody and placement of minor children, support, and property division. […]

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Wisconsin divorce tax laws

Wisconsin divorce tax laws can have a serious effect on a spouse’s financial situation. Careful tax planning must occur before the divorce is granted. Following are some issues that I consider with all my clients: 1. Couples usually file married jointly during a marriage. However, after the separation, former spouses must file as either single […]

Wisconsin termination of parental rights

Wisconsin termination of parental rights is a very serious step.  If you are convinced that termination is in your child’s best interest, there are several ways to accomplish it. The most common way to accomplish a Wisconsin termination of parental rights is a stepparent adoption.   If both biological parents consent to terminate one parent’s rights, […]

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Finding Wisconsin divorce assets

Locating Wisconsin divorce assets is not usually as difficult as you may have heard.  Both spouses must make a full financial disclosure.   All assets, debts, income, and expense must be disclosed on the designated form.  These statements often form the basis for a judge’s decision on support and property division.  Therefore, they must be completed carefully. It is […]

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