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Health insurance in a Wisconsin military divorce

A spouse divorcing a servicemember in Wisconsin must be aware of the health insurance benefits available to him/her and the children after divorce. This blog provides some basic information on military health insurance, to be followed by a series of blogs addressing continued coverage for ex-spouses and children. The military health/dental insurance program is known […]

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Legal Custody and Religion

Wisconsin family law attorneys frequently have to make the distinction between legal custody and physical placement, as the two tend to be used interchangeably by the public. Legal custody refers to a parent’s legal ability to make decisions for his/her child regarding such important topics as religion, schooling, and medical care, among other things. Physical […]

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Military Retired Pay: Reserve vs. Active Duty

In order to properly calculate a servicemember’s military retired pay in a Wisconsin divorce, you must be aware of the difference in reserve vs. active duty retirement. Military regulations require that retired pay for servicemembers retired from active duty is calculated based on months of service. Members who retire from the reserve calculate retired pay […]

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Military disability pay in Wisconsin divorce

Receipt of disability benefits by a military servicemember can have a significant effect on the ex-spouse in a Wisconsin divorce. When a servicemember retires with a disability rating, his/her military retired pay may be affected. If the disability rating is greater than 50%, the member receives both the full disability pay and full military retired […]

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Military income available for child support

Military servicemembers receive various forms of pay.  A parent working with his/her divorce or child custody lawyer must be aware of the meaning and availability of those forms of pay. Basic pay:   this is the servicemember’s pay, equivalent to a salary for civilian employees. Basic allowance for housing (BAH):  military housing allowance based on […]

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What is a COAP in a Wisconsin military divorce?

A COAP is shorthand for Court Order Acceptable for Processing.  This document is an order, separate from a Wisconsin divorce judgment, that the military requires to divide military retired pay between ex-spouses.  When a military member is divorced, the court grants a judgment.  The spouses’ property will be allocated in that judgment.  Since a servicemember’s […]

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