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A new factor to consider in Wisconsin child custody disputes?

Could Wisconsin child custody disputes soon involve investigation into a child’s Halloween candy bag?  According to the National Confectioner’s Association, 81% of parents eat some of their children’s Halloween candy.   26% are sneaky enough to wait until their children go to sleep  before creeping stealthily to the candy bag and taking those yummy KitKats.     How long […]

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Wisconsin child custody order prevents abduction

A parent, particularly a citizen of another country, who wishes to remove a child from the United States should be monitored extremely carefully.  Wisconsin child custody orders must be carefully drafted in this situation. The fact is that, if a parent leaves the US with a child and refuses to bring her back, it is extremely difficult […]

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Ensure cooperation in a Wisconsin child custody case

Wisconsin child custody cases can devolve too quickly into nastiness.  Although all parents would  acknowledge that their children’s interests are best served when the parents get along, many fail to cooperate regularly.   Some legitimate disagreements are expected. If the parents got along well in the first place, their relationship would probably still be intact.  However, […]

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